Exhibitor Profile: Salt Spring Island Artisan Vinegar

At Salt Spring Island Artisan Vinegar we do things the old fashioned way, using traditional, two-step fermentation methods and the finest ingredients to slowly create our high quality fruit wine vinegars.

Our first step is to ferment Salt Spring or BC grown fruit into beautiful wines that we sadly never get to drink!  Instead, we slowly add our wines into vinegar fermentation tanks where natural acetobacter cultures convert the alcohol to acetic acid.  

We never rush these natural processes and are often forced to wait up to a year before the vinegar is ready to bottle.  It’s tough to be patient, but it’s the slow-process, small-batch method we use that ensures the quality of our products.  

Our vinegars are made with time, love and the best ingredients we can find (or grow!). They are fruity and bright, preserving the essence of summer, from orchard to bottle.