Exhibitor Profile: Salt Spring Sea Salt

We live among the protected bays and inlets of the Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada. The natural beauty and pristine waters surrounding Salt Spring Island inspired us to create Salt Spring Sea Salt Ltd.  We harvest and evaporate the sea water, prepare, sift, pack and label our sea salt personally by hand.  The sea water is carefully filtered of impurities to offer the best sea salt product possible.

All recipes are Philippe’s culinary concoctions, inspired by his French background in the South of France mingled with his West Coast experiences. We call it Franc-Pac Fusion - a blend of tastes, techniques and recipes from his upbringing on the mediterranean coupled with the delectable offerings of the island’s stunning terroir.   We are proud to only use our finest fleur de sel in all our sea salt products - hence, the delicious difference.

We infuse mostly locally grown ingredients from Salt Spring Island, and are constantly experimenting with recipes. All our fleur de sel sea salts are unrefined - we add absolutely nothing except the herbs and spices (a lot of work and a bit of love) to create our infused sea salt blends.

Philippe and I are delighted to offer our line of gourmet sea salts. Come visit us at the market, drop by the property and have a tasting at  our “Sea Salt Farm”, order directly from us or simply share recipes and experiences.  

From our sea salt kitchen to your table, we wish you "bon appétit"!