Exhibitor Profile: Salt Spring Wooden Toys

Salt Spring Wooden Toys creates an all-natural line of wooden toys including trains, planes, ferry boat, cars, trucks, toy fishing rods with fish and children's brooms. The toys are sanded to a fine finish and have a non-toxic (foodsafe) finish. The wheels are maple and are firmly attached with glue. They turn freely providing a fully functioning play experience. These are toys made to last.

Cutting boards and serving platters are created from solid pieces of hardwood including oak, maple and cherry. They are one-of-a-kind pieces that undergo a triple sanding process and are then heat finished with a beeswax paste.

We aim to create environmentally sustainable products by reclaiming and reusing leftover wood from construction and other woodworking projects that otherwise would be burned or taken to landfills. Woods include oak, ash, cherry, beach, alder, mahogany, maple, Douglas Fir and black walnut.