Exhibitor Profile: SeaChange Seafood

SeaChange has been producing high-quality, beautifully packaged Canadian seafood gifts for over 30 years.

It was November 1985 when Salt Spring Island carpenter, John Millerd married his woodworking skills with his family heritage in the salmon industry, creating a profitable business idea. Interest rates were high and the demand for carpentry was at a low, so John, whose grandfather, father , uncle and brother all worked in the fishing business, created cedar gift boxes packed with high quality canned salmon. With Christmas around the corner, John took his gift boxes to local professionals to see if they were interested in an alternative corporate gift. They were! Our young company got a huge boost the following year from Expo '86 in Vancouver. Since then, SeaChange has grown out of John's tiny workshop into a well-established Salt Spring Island business, still owns by Anne and John Millerd today.

In the early years, John built the boxes himself, and silkscreened the lids with Anne on the kitchen table after the kids were in bed. Today the boxes (redesigned by John in 2014) are still built and silkscreened by hand by the SeaChange team. Instead of tins of canned salmon they now contain a shelf-stackable pack of smoked sockeye salmon or smoked salmon pate.

SeaChange products contain only wild salmon. We source our salmon from an area on Canada's west coast called Johnstone Strait, where we have access to the freshest salmon possible, from some of the best salmon fishing grounds in the world. All SeaChange smoked salmon products are Ocean Wise recommended.

SeaChange Smoked Salmon, Crab and lobster pates were developed by Anne Millerd. Anne wanted all three pates to be creamy in texture, and each to have their own delicious flavour profile. She was advised, for coast reasons, to worked with salmon trim and lobster tomalley, both by-products of other processes. But Anne elected to go with the whole fillets of smoked salmon, and to use real crab and lobster meat , even though this would make the pates more expensive. We wanted pates we could be proud to serve our friends and families/

SeaChange products are bought by people wanting to give a genuinely Canadian gift, by tourists wanting to take home a Canadian delicacy, and personal shoppers looking for a specialty food treat for themselves or to serve to guests.