Exhibitor Profile: Stefanie Denz

Stefanie Denz, MFA University of Auckland (full scholarship 1989) has received awards through Canada Council and BC Arts Council, exhibited in New Zealand, Germany, USA and Canada. Stefanie attended Transart Institute (MFA and PHD conferring) summer residency, 2014 in Berlin. She lives on Saltspring Island BC, where she teaches drawing and painting and is involved in community arts. Stefanie's work can be seen at Winchester Galleries, Victoria, Pod Gallery, Saltspring Is., and in her studio.


I am a figurative painter with a deep interest in spatial relations and social dynamics. Body language build my personal narratives; I include family and friends, as well as using filmography for its gender commentary. Architecture is integral to my work and I often include found materials to the surface. I see that the environment and human body have an interchanging relationship. I also make installations and work in performance. Paint wise I admire Edouard Manet and Neo Rauch, and I am grateful to sculptors Alice Aycock (b.1945), and Chris Simonds (b.1944), and contemporary dance for understanding the physicality of interaction.