2016 Sponsored Artist Award

Erin Morris in her studio

Erin Morris in her studio

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our Sponsored Artist for 2016, Erin Morris, Ceramicist.  Brought to you with the generous support of Mike Hardy of Salt Spring Island Realty. 

Erin was raised on Salt Spring Island and grew up immersed in the Islands' dynamic arts community.  In 2004 she attended a community pottery class which inspired her to pursue further studies in clay.  She apprenticed under Salt Spring Island potter (and SSITC producer) Julie Mackinnon for two consecutive summers and then in 2009 went on to complete a two-year Clay Design program at the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, BC.
Erin imbues a minimalism and elegance into functional wheel thrown objects. Incorporating her love of photography into her ceramic process, Erin uses the clay surface as a canvas, adorning her pots with imagery that reflects her childhood spent scouring shorelines and building forts in the woods.  Erin says, "Nature helps keep me balanced as a person, as does the process of working with clay."

"My work is a personal journal; each piece that I create embodies my process at that moment.  When I'm throwing, there is a continual dialogue between the clay and I, a conversation about how each piece will be formed.  I have come to value and respect that sacred relationship immensely.  The clay, with its forgiving nature and its brutal honesty, has become a teacher: listening to me, forcing me to be patient with myself and what is, and reflecting my inner state at all times."

Erin, now a mother to two little girls lives and works full time as a potter on Salt Spring Island.  You can find her work at the Salt Spring Saturday Market, the seasonal ArtCraft Gallery and at KiZmit Cafe.  It can also be found at The Robert Bateman Centre gift shop in Victoria and in private collections around the globe.

We are grateful to Mike Hardy for sponsoring Erin Morris this year at Salt Spring In The City.  

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